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Peter Skalicky
Peter Skalicky

Protect yourself in case of cyber attacks and data loss!

There is an increasing number of cyber attacks, data losses and espionage via internet and precautions are far too often underestimated by medium-sized enterprises.

My name is Peter Skalicky. I am head of property insurance and liability insurance. It is my pleasure to assist you in any queries regarding cyber insurance.

Cyber risks are not only temporary

Cyber risks are not only a temporary phenomenon - those risks exist permanently and may affect any area of business.

Cyber risks may threaten the existence of enterprises

Cyber risks and data losses may result in massive damages threatening your existence as entrepreneur: financial losses, business interruptions and cost-intensive investigations are only a few of the many consequences. Furthermore, cyber attacks often remain undetected due to a lack of necessary control mechanisms. And even up-to-date IT solutions (firewall, anti-virus programs, anti-malware etc.) cannot offer total protection from cyber risks.

Cyber insurance and protection from Aktiv Assekuranz

Aktiv Assekuranzoffers a thorough cyber risks analysis in order to protect you and your enterprise from cyber related exposure. We will find an insurance solution to indemnify you against financial losses and liability claims in case of a cyber attack - coverage up to 10 Mio. EUR available.

Cyber protection - but how?

You would like to stay cool and relaxed when it comes to such a hot topic as online protection or cyber risk? Please call me at +49 89 149708-210.
Mr. Thomas Herfurtner, division manager of property insurance, will also be pleased to answer your questions. You may reach him at +49 89 149708-442.
Alternatively, please complete the online enquiry form for one of our various insurance solutions.


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