Property and Liability Insurance

Peter Skalicky
Peter Skalicky

Your essential corporate insurance

Any property and earning values such as premises, facilities, goods, contribution margins (gross yields) are subject to various and unforeseeable risks. The safety of your property and income values are vital to safeguard your company. Not to mention the protection against liability that may arise of personal and property damages.

My name is Peter Skalicky. I am head of property insurance and liability insurance. It is my pleasure to assist you in any queries regarding property and liability insurance.

Our strength lies in the development of tailored insurance solutions based on a thorough risk evaluation. Furthermore, we develop insurance concepts for risk prevention and risk management together with our customers.

Please call me at +49 89 149708-210. Alternatively, please complete the online enquiry form for one of our various insurance solutions.

  • Property Insurance

    Property Insurance

    Total or partial damage to premises, facilities and goods bear a significant balance sheet risk and the loss of economic substance. The evaluation of an effective coverage and the development of an insurance program for fire, EC and an all-risk coverage are vital.

  • Liability Insurance

    Liability Insurance

    It is a fact that day-to-day operations - just like daily life - bear risks due to carelessness and mistakes. Personal, property and financial damages may be the result. Same goes for cost damages caused by defective products, work and services. A liability insurance offers various protection.

  • Insurance for Environmental Liability and Environmental Damage

    Insurance for Environmental Liability and Environmental Damage

    Immissions of environmental relevant substances and immissions produced by environmental facilities are highly risky and may cause personal, property and financial damages. Claims by authorities under public law might be the consequence (claim for redevelopment or renaturation).

  • D&O Insurance (Manager Liability)

    D&O Insurance (Manager Liability)

    Managers are often faced with very little background information and pressure in taking decisions. The consequences thereby may be faulty decisions and violation of legal obligations resulting in financial losses of the company. The D&O Insurance (manager liability) offers protection from those consequences.  

  • IT Insurance

    IT Insurance

    Despite requirement specifications, feature specifications and other detailed requirements for hardware and software there are still endless sources of errors. Specific IT policies developed for information technology companies will help to defend consequential claims.

  • Legal Protection Insurance

    Legal Protection Insurance

    Claims regarding labour and social law, traffic law and criminal law often lead to high costs for legal representation and legal fees. A legal protection insurance is a good start and covers such expenses!

  • Accident and Group Accident Insurance

    Accident and Group Accident Insurance

    As an active person in your professional and private life, did it ever occur to you that injuries might end up in permanent health impairments of limbs or sensory?
    An accident insurance will help you at least with the financial consequences whether you lose a finger or suffer from a cruciate ligament rupture.

  • Credit Insurance, Bad Debts Insurance and Fidelity Insurance

    Credit Insurance, Bad Debts Insurance and Fidelity Insurance

    What is the composition of your accounts receivable? What kind of creditworthiness are you performing? What kind of precautionary measures have you taken in case of bad debts?

    A credit insurance/bad debts insurance helps to evaluate creditworthiness and compensate financial losses in case of bad debts.


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