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Joerg Sekora

From door to door - around the world - goods of all kinds.

Every day goods are transported throughout the world. As a shipper you should have a legitimate interest that the goods arrive safely at the consignee. Carriers and freight forwarders try their best to do so. Nonetheless, damages may arise where the carrier or freight forwarder may not be held fully liable or liable at all. In this case the cargo insurance comes into play offering full coverage for your goods.

My name is Joerg Sekora. I am head of cargo insurance. It is my pleasure to assist you in any queries regarding cargo insurance.

The fundamental question is: Why would you need a cargo insurance? Carriers and freight forwarders can be held liable for damages to the goods during transport. That is correct. But their liability may be limited with respect to cause and value. In case of damage to or loss of the goods the compensation may not even add up to the value of the goods. The worst case would be that you - as shipper - must bear the costs of the loss on your own.

A cargo insurance - based on an all-risks-cover - is the solution. Claims will be fully compensated regardless of the carrier's liability. The cargo insurance is based on simple evidence in case of loss allowing for an unbureaucratic processing of the loss and a hassle-free business relation with your customer.

We offer various types of cargo insurance to make sure you find the one that matches your needs. Cargo insurance for individual transports or a framework agreement such as a Transport-General-Policy - we will be happy to analyze your need for cargo insurance and offer you just the right kind of coverage.

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  • Transport Insurance Certificate-Plus

    Transport Insurance Certificate-Plus

    TVS-Plus - Transport Insurance Certificate Insurance cover with extra protection for the forwarding industry.

    The Transport Insurance Certificate (TVSplus) was specifically developed by Aktiv Assekuranz for forwarding agents to take out comprehensive cargo insurance for individual transports on behalf of their shipping principals. The TVSplus is based on modern contractual conditions in order to offer you more than just off the shelf coverage. offers you 24/7/356 access to take out insurance cover and print insurance certificates.

  • Commercial-Plus-Insurance


    The plus in coverage for enterprises < 20 mio. EUR turnover

    Aktiv offers comprehensive coverage to medium-sized enterprises with an annual turnover up to 20 mio. EUR with the Commercial-Plus-Insurance. Regardless of your field of activity such as inbound transport, shipping or storage in own warehouses - we will evaluate your insurance need and offer tailor-made insurance solutions. Up-front premium at the beginning of the year and billing at the end of the year based on your declaration of turnover allow you a transparent cost planning.

  • Trade-Plus-Insurance


    The plus in coverage for enterprises > 20 mio. EUR turnover

    We developed the Trade-Plus-Insurance for commercial and industrial enterprises with an annual turnover of more than 20 mio. EUR. This overall insurance coverage offers unique characteristics at the marine cargo insurance market.

    We evaluate your insurance need and offer individual and tailor-made insurance solutions. It is our challenge to find specific insurance solutions for you. We guarantee constant coverage along the complete logistic chain - without break. If desired, this cargo insurance may also include the storage in internal and external warehouses. Since this policy is based on your turnover, your administration effort remains at a very manageable level and at same time you benefit from an allover coverage that is without equal.

  • Textile-Plus-Insurance


    The plus in coverage for textile manufacturers and textile wholesalers

    The production sites for both textile and leather goods are usually not located inside the country. Fabrics and additions are transported to garment enterprises throughout the world where the textiles are processed. Afterwards they are shipped to the manufacturer, wholesaler or logistic operator who will finish, label, iron the textiles and send them to the retail sales business after picking has been completed.

    The risk: The supply chain involves a number of risks both on the transport route and during storage. Mostly garment enterprises or manufacturers do not have insurance coverage for the goods thus leaving the owner of the goods empty-handed in case of loss.

    The solution: protect yourself against financial losses with a textile-plus-insurance provided by Aktiv Assekuranz Makler GmbH. The plus in coverage based on an all-risks insurance in an uninterrupted sequence: from the delivery of the fabrics to the transport of the finished textiles to retailers.

    We will be happy to analyze your risk and work out a tailor-made insurance policy for you according to your need for insurance.

  • Truck & Trailer Insurance

    Truck & Trailer Insurance

    The plus in coverage for trucks < 3,5 tons and trailer of any kinds.


    • all-risks-cover including damages caused by civil unrests and terror
    • coverage applies even during train and ferry transports
    • coverage for rented vehicles possible
    • premium is calculated based on current market value of the vehicles, annual adaption possible
    • recovery, return and removal costs are included
    • and many more!

    You benefit from a comprehensive individual coverage with low administration effort and high-quality claims management.

  • Insurance For Transport On Own Account

    Insurance For Transport On Own Account

    The ideal coverage for enterprises transporting own goods with own vehicles

    The key point: Coverage for individually named risks, e.g. damage to the means of transportation, burglary of the vehicle or emergency breaking in order to prevent the occurrence of an accident. The geographical scope comprises the EU, Norway and Switzerland.

    Safety near and far!

  • Travellers’ Luggage Insurance

    Travellers’ Luggage Insurance

    Anyone who goes travelling has stories to tell...

    unfortunately not only funny ones, e.g. if your suitcase was lost whilst in the airline's custody or if the car was broken into and your jacket was stolen.

    For all these emergencies we offer our Aktiv travellers' luggage insurance that might save your holiday feeling.


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