Forwarder's Liability Insurance

Werner Foerg

Essential coverage for pros by pros.

Any logistic operator is exposed to a considerable risk of liability. Even the most careful work performed by the carrier, freight forwarder, warehouse keeper or logistic operator may result in a transport-related liability - every day and unpredictable in its amount.

My name is Werner Foerg. I am head of forwarder's liability insurance. It is my pleasure to assist you in any queries regarding forwarder's liability insurance.

Liability based on statutory provisions, general terms and conditions or individual contracts may occur at any time. Often, the logistic operator may not be aware of the extent of liability when accepting the order. In most cases the liability of the service provider is not only limited to his own services, but also to all companies participating in the fulfillment of the order.

Our experienced team of logistics managers and lawyers is well aware of those risks - especially when it comes to complex coverage concepts for contract-logistics providers. We understand your problems and offer reasonably-priced insurance solutions that meet your individual needs.

Please call me at +49 89 149708-380. Alternatively, please complete the online enquiry form for one of our various insurance solutions.

  • Speditions-Global-Policy


    The coverage for carriers and freight forwarders for more than 30 years

    Our concept for forwarding insurance is adapted to new market conditions and current case law on a regular basis.

    Europe based customers can rely on our Speditions-Global-Policy (SGP) as a basic coverage for forwarder's liability risks. Furthermore, we offer country-specific coverage concepts for Austria, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Turkey.

    Conceptional logistics solutions - especially in the field of contract logistics - are becoming more and more specific. Our forwarder's liability policy (SGP) offers a progressive coverage for this booming industry by means of a modular structure and various special coverages (e.g. customs coverage).

  • Aktiv Cabotage Insurance

    Aktiv Cabotage Insurance

    The ideal coverage for foreign forwarding agents!

    For commercial freight transport within Germany a forwarder's liability insurance is mandatory for vehicles with a permissible total weight exceeding 3,5 tons.

    The minumum sum insured is 600.000 EUR per loss and the annual maximum limit of indemnity shall not be less than 1,2 Mio. EUR. However, the insurance coverage of foreign forwarding agents does not meet the legal requirements set out in the German road haulage law (Gueterkraftverkehrsgesetz GueKG).

    Your benefits:

    • coverage according to the regulations of the German road haulage law (GueKG)
    • greater flexibility thanks to coverage of any cabotage transport within the EU
    • tailor-made insurance cover thanks to various coverage concepts
    • tailored premiums
    • and many more!

    Highlights and modular coverages:

    • coverage according to the rules of des GüKG (basic coverage)
    • coverage for loss of goods up to 40 SDR (Special Drawing Rights)/kg (optional)
    • variable basic cover or cost-effective DIC (Difference in Conditions) within the present insurance cover
    • applicable for national transports within the EU
    • and many more!
  • Third-Party-Policy


    Coverage for subcontractors brought in directly by the insured/policyholder (regardless of the nationality of the subcontractor)

    The third-party-policy by Aktiv Assekuranz provides coverage for your CMR-carrier/subcontractor during the transport - particularly if the CMR-carrier/subcontractor is coming from countries with no compulsory insurance, unsufficient amounts insured or limited coverages.

    The conclusion of this third party-policy excludes any recourse actions against the subcontractor.

  • Logistics-Operators-Liability-Policy


    This liability policy for freight forwarders and logistic operators provides one of the most comprehensive coverages worldwide.This policy was originally developed for our customers in Asia, but more and more customers from all around the world (including Europe) have been asking for this policy.

    One of the highlights is the cover for international customers according to the civil code - particularly the "civil code" of the relevant countries for any modes of transport (including warehousing activities).

    Further highlights are the coverages according to international regulations (Warsaw Convention, Montreal Convention, Hague Visby Rules), the liability of documents (Bill of Lading B/L etc.), customs liability as well as Errors & Omissions and costs for loss prevention.

    To top this off, a container hull coverage is also included as well as an optional public liability coverage.

  • Multimodal-Cover-Policy


    This concept was developed especially for customers working as "contractual carriers" to cover risks, which may arise during international multimodal transports.

    Here, it is not significant, whether our customer acts as agents according to the Montreal Convention only or whether his liability is based on issued documents (e.g. B/L). Also, insurance protection is granted for claims exceeding the usual claim scenario, e.g. by misdirection or other financial losses mentioned in the policy such as incorrect production of documents (so-called errors & omissions).


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