Cargo insurance

Transport always comes with a risk for your goods: As a shipper, you have a legitimate interest in getting your goods to the recipient undamaged. Though carriers and forwarders do their best, damage may still occur. When it does, transport companies may refuse to reimburse all or part of it.

The liability of carriers and forwarders is limited both on the merits and in its amount. The compensation for loss or damage often does not even add up to the goods value. Additionally, the forwarder or carrier is not liable at all for certain things. In the worst case, you - as the shipper - will have to cover the loss on your own.

Cargo insurance based on an all-risk coverage offers precise safeguards and comprehensive insurance protection for your goods. Claims are compensated to the full goods value, regardless of the forwarder's liability. The cargo insurance provides for simple evidence in case of a claim. Your advantage: less bureaucracy. This way, your loss will pose less of a risk for your customer relationships.

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Boat insurance

We offer comprehensive protection for your boat or yacht with our own boat hull insurance. Your liability as a boat operator can be covered comprehensively as well, no matter if you have a sailing boat or a motor yacht. Whether you are out on inland waterways or on the sea: having the right insurance will make your trip more relaxed! We offer assistance and support in connection with your boat insurance at any time. We never let you fend for yourself if you are facing a claim. Quick, professional and unbureaucratic processing is part of our service.

You and your boat are important to us. This is why we will always have a direct contact person for you. This enables us to individually and flexibly deal with your wishes concerning your boat's or yacht's insurance.